Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor with Temperature Monitor, 960ft Transmission Range, 2-Way Talk, Night Vision, High Capacity Battery

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  • [HIGH-QUALITY COLOR LCD SCREEN] – This unique baby monitor features a High Resolution Display with 2x zoom magnification for comprehensive coverage. The 2.4” screen can deliver streaming live view whenever you check in.
  • [HIGH-DEFINITION NIGHT VISION&TEMPERATURE MONITORING] – This digital camera has 8 infrared LED Lights and could constantly monitor babies’ activities. Other built-in features include automatic night vision and temperature monitoring.
  • [TWO-WAY TALKING&LONG TRANSMISSION RANGE] – The monitor covers a transmission range of up to 960 feet.You could play 4 soothing lullaby songs or use the two-way talk back intercom function to comfort your babies.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION&HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERY] – Simply plug in camera and monitor to use this magic baby monitor! The Li-ion battery is 950mAh and lasts 8 hours in eco mode.
  • [WIDE VARIETY OF EXTRA HANDY FEATURES] – Our audio video baby monitor also comes with: Eco Mode Voice Activation, Sound Activated LED Indicators, Alarm/Timer Setting, 2x Digital Zoom with Digital Image Pan/Tilt option, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Lullabies, Manual Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (60 degrees), Auto Scan View, Tabletop or Wall Mounting Options..


ANMEATE Video Baby Monitors feature high quality baby monitoring technology to provide parents peace of mind and an excellent user experience.
The portable parent unit can move around with you, enabling you to hear, see or talk to your baby no matter where you are in the house.
Two Way Talk Back Communication
Comfort your baby with the sound of your own voice by using the two-way talk back system. Long Range
Up to 900 feet (open space) with out-of-range warning. Auto Infrared Night Vision – 2x Digital Zoom
Auto Infrared Night Vision
Rest assured knowing you’ll see your baby day and night. The Infrared Night Vision will automatically detect dim light, providing clear video even in dark rooms, so you will always know what your baby is doing. 2x Digital Zoom
Allows to watch your baby more closely. The monitor features digital zoom allowing you to get a closer view of the image on screen. With the touch of a button, you can zoom in to watch your baby sleeping or catch a precious moment as they are waking up.
Room Temperature Monitoring – Lullabies – ECO Mode
Room Temperature Monitoring
Constantly monitors the temperature in your baby’s room and alerts you when it is too hot (over 90°F) or too cold (below 55°F).
Allows to ensure your baby stays in a comfort and safe environment at all times.
Lull your baby to sleep with pre-programmed polyphonic lullabies. Operated remotely from the parent unit.
ECO Mode
The ECO mode is a sound activated power saving mode. With ECO mode on, screen on your parent units turns off if the baby unit does not detect any sounds in your baby’s room. The monitor screen will automatically light up and start transmitting sound and video signal once sounds are detected by the baby unit.
Allows to control the sound activation level

517 reviews for Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor with Temperature Monitor, 960ft Transmission Range, 2-Way Talk, Night Vision, High Capacity Battery

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  5. Kate Sweeney

    Great product for the money. Setup was very easy. Picture and sound are clear. Overall, does the job at a much lower price than many others. The camera zoom and mobility were a must for us and this met both those needs. The temperature reading and other features such as alarm and music are bonus features that aren’t necessary but great to have.

  6. Manaar Zaki

    First day using this product and so far I am very pleased

  7. Daniel R Gonzalez

    Should be a wider angle lense. Besides that camera is as expected

  8. Marcia worthy

    My husband has cancer and I am sleeping in another room. This will be perfect for me to check on him and communicate with him while we are sleeping apart.

  9. Joshua Sanchez

    I’m very impressed with the design and function. Good quality, temperature is decently accurate.

  10. jessica hardy

    like the functions it has. small sleek design doesn’t take up much room and price was great

  11. Claudia Gonzalez

    It’s amazing! I love this product for my baby room! This product helps me know how my baby is doing day after day without having to always be present in his room. while I have to do other important things around the house

  12. Ed Sousa

    Very good product for the price. Better than many similar products almost twice the price.

  13. Maggie

    Power button broke after 1 drop

  14. Michele Lee Clatk

    Worked great bit now experiencing problems with it not turning on.

  15. Lisa Austin

    I really like this product I just wish the camera portion was a little taller so it would be easier to see the entire crib. Love the music and panning options.

  16. Anna Koutouzos

    The baby monitor is very sleek and doesn’t take up a lot of room. The range is great and so is the picture quality

  17. Joe Barrett

    The monitor broke after 6 months. Other than that it’s a good product.

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