What is the warranty on the ANMEATE baby monitor?2020-03-25T08:33:45+00:00

All ANMEATE Monitors come with one year manufacturer’s warranty.You can extend 12 month when you active your warranty.
It is important to mention that a customer’s satisfaction is priority Nr.1 for our company and we will always provide the best service possible. So you can stay assured that we are always here for you if you ever need our assistance with the product.

Is the data encrypted? Which data protocols are used to ensure the traffic will not be hacked?2020-04-07T08:43:23+00:00

ANMEATE Baby Video Monitor features 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) secure wireless transmission technology. The monitor provides safe and secure Point to Point digital encryption wireless transmission. The unit operates in 2400-2480 MHz auto tuned frequency, reducing the risk of interference with any other electronic device working in its vicinity.

For best results it is suggested that there should be distance of at least 3 feet between camera unit, parent unit and any other electronic device in your house for smooth reception of audio and video signals.

What to do if the connection between the parent and camera units is lost?2020-04-07T08:45:27+00:00

There might be some interference with other 2.4GHz devices, such as your mobile or portable computer, which are connected to your home WiFi network and are located very close to the parent or baby units.

In order to avoid such interference issues, it is always recommended to keep such devices at least 3 feet away from the monitor. In many cases it is even enough to move your mobile device about 8-10 inches away from the monitor and this should solve the problem.

What is the range of this baby monitor?2020-04-07T08:46:51+00:00

ANMEATE Video Monitor features a long range – 960 feet in open space. The range for all video monitors is always measured in open space as each place of use differs and has different environmental conditions influencing the actual range.

What factors can influence the actual range?2020-04-07T08:47:49+00:00

Please take into account that objects that block line-of-sight between the transmitter (camera) and the receiver (Parent Unit), may reduce the actual range. Such objects could be: any large metal object, like a refrigerator, a mirror, a filling cabinet, metallic doors or reinforced concrete between the baby and parent unit.
The signal strength may also be reduced by other solid structures, like walls, or by radio or electrical equipment, such as cordless or mobile phones, fluorescent lights, TV, computers or dimmer switches. In order to minimize the environmental influences it is recommended to keep the baby monitor (baby and parent units) at least 3 feet away from these types of products.

How accurate is the temperature sensor ?2020-04-07T08:49:52+00:00

The temperature should be accurate. Sometimes, the temperature sensor is positioned very close to the camera body and when the camera warms up during the operation (which is normal) it affects the correct temperature reading. It is recommended to stretch out the sensor so it is as far away from the camera body as possible. Also, it is recommended to place the camera in an area where there is good air circulation and not in a closed cornered area where the temperature tends to be higher.

What is ECO mode?2020-04-07T08:50:36+00:00

This mode allows you to control the sound level from your baby’s room to automatically activate the sound and video transmission on your Parent Unit. When using the ECO function, the sound and video transmission will stop (standby mode) if the Baby Unit does not register any sound within 30 seconds. While in standby mode, the LCD screen turns off. Once the Baby Unit registers a sound, louder than the set sensitivity level, it will automatically start transmitting the signal (sound and video) to the Parent Unit and the LCD screen will turn on.

Note: ECO default setting is OFF in the supplied product.


ECO-LOW means Low sensitivity level, requiring higher sound level to reactivate the transmission.

ECO-MID means Medium sensitivity level, requiring medium sound level to reactivate the transmission.

ECO-HIGH means High sensitivity level, requiring low sound level to reactivate the transmission.

OFF means Constant transmission – no standby mode.

Note: When ECO function is on, a ECO indicator will be displayed on top of the LCD screen.

Note: To view a video signal on your parent unit when ECO function is on, briefly press the power key.

More details are provided in the user guide.

How many cameras can be paired to one parent unit?2020-04-07T08:54:22+00:00

You can pair up to 4 cameras to one parent unit. The monitor is supplied with 1 or 2 cameras (depending on the model you purchase). You can buy additional add-on cameras and pair them to the same parent unit.

How to pair an add-on camera?2020-04-07T08:55:06+00:00

In the menu, go to the camera setting and choose the camera position (1-4) which is free. A free position will have no star indicated next to it – a star means that there is already a camera paired to this position. When choosing a free position, it will start blinking. Then, in the back of the new camera, press and hold the “PAIR” button until the connection is established. That’s all. DO NOT use this menu option to switch between the paired cameras as it is intended for pairing purposes only. Instead use the OK button on your parent unit.

How to remove a baby unit from the parent unit?2020-04-07T08:56:01+00:00

To delete a paired camera, just re-pair the one you want to keep in stead of the one you want to delete (this will remove the unwanted camera).

Here is how to do it:
– In the menu, go to the camera setting.
– Choose the Camera you want to delete (for example Camera 2); it will start blinking.
– Then at the back of the Camera you want to keep (for example Camera 1) press and hold the “PAIR” button until the connection is established.

The above procedure will delete Camera’s 1 saved position and will move it to the position of Camera 2 (the one you wanted to delete). So now you will have only one camera paired.

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